Docker Fundamentals

Course duration: two days 

This is THE introductory Docker course to give your team the best foundation for enterprise grade Docker use-cases. Ensure your team learns Docker the right way with official Docker training. In this course students will get the foundational concepts and practices of containerization on a single Docker node, then learn the foundations of orchestration and scale out with Docker across multiple nodes in a swarm. This course is a prerequisite for all other Docker courses include our new role-based Docker for Enterprise Operations.


  • Understand what Docker is and how Docker can modernize the software supply-chain
  • Conceptualize a mental model for Docker workflow
  • Understand the foundations of Docker security and apply secrets management
  • Understand the foundations of containerization on a single Docker node
  • List Ability to Dockerize and application by writing Dockerfiles
  • Create and manage Docker images
  • Apply a basic continuous integration model for Docker
  • Understand the usage of volumes
  • Apply concepts of the Docker networking model
  • Write stack-based compose files
  • Understand how Swarm works
  • Deploy a swarm application and scale it out
  • Apply common Swarm operations
  • List Create, manage, and update Docker secrets


Day one: Containerization Basics

  • The Docker Story
  • Introduction to Images
  • Creating Images
  • Managing Images
  • Docker Continuous Integration
  • Volumes

Day two: Orchestration Basics

  • Docker Networking Basics
  • Compose
  • Scaling out with Swarm Mode
  • Swarm Operations
  • Managing Secrets


Participants do not need any prior knowledge of Docker, but it is helpful. Knowledge of basic Linux commands and command line interface is required. Additionally, a laptop with Linux running either as the main OS or in a virtual machine is recommended, but access to and working knowledge of an SSH client is necessary.

Provided Materials

At the training, printed course materials, WiFi and lunches will be provided, along with the number of Linux VMs needed for each student. Docker, Inc. will provide trainees with an official certificate of completion at the end of this training.

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