Our Certified Docker Instructors

Portrait of Wojciech Pietrzak


Wojciech Pietrzak has acquired the certification “Certified Docker Instructor” in September 2015 at Docker in San Francisco. From the beginning, he committed himself to open-source technology. He co-founded and co-organized the Docker Meetups in Hamburg, sharing his experiences there. Wojciech is a passionate Ruby developer and Golang fan with years of experience in Debian-based Linux distributions; he likes to automate the components from the command line.

Portrait of Ben Rexin


Ben Rexin has already supported several Docker trainings as a tutor before achieving the certification “Certified Docker Instructor” in June 2016 in London. He gained his enormous experience as a docker trainer and coach in numerous public and individual docker trainings. Ben is an all-rounder in the field of web development. Due to his deep experience in development and system administration Ben is able to respond to the participants’ special project needs. Currently, Ben is strongly engaged in developing with Ruby and JavaScript and grapples with modern languages such as Go, Rust and Elixir.

Portrait of Fernando Alvarez


Fernando Alvarez Junco has achieved the certification “Certified Docker Instructor” in London. He has a strong background as a developer with Ruby on Rails and javascript user interfaces, as well as teaching experience on technical concerns. Due to his deep experience in development, combined with his system administration skills, Fernando is able to help other developers to successfully dive into the Docker world. Currently Fernando is involved in projects with Ruby on Rails using reactive interfaces with Vue.js.


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